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In this last, very difficult, year a number of neighboring districts and districts across the state used the outdoors for music classes, chorus rehearsals and  concerts, and band concerts.... Our students lost out on so much.

In analyzing the data gathered by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Schools, the Manchester Essex High School Report Card states that only 60 percent of students are engaged in the Arts. In comparison, districts identified as having similar demographics to us have participation rates from 72 percent to 96 percent.

The spirit of community is thriving in Manchester-by-the-Sea (MBTS) and we can all be thankful.  A few short months ago, in the depths of winter (and a pandemic), a group of citizens began meeting weekly on Zoom to address Manchester’s need for affordable housing.  The group is called CIMAH (Citizens Initiative for Affordable Housing) and their mission is clear.   The community needs to come together and act expeditiously, because the need is urgent.

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Far too often, in my opinion, Town Elections are a ho-hum, non-competitive affair, and even when we do have a competitive race, it seems voters rely on name-recognition or Facebook banter to “check a box”.  This year, we have a very real election race with several well-qualified candidates vying for two open Planning Board seats.

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Given my various periods of membership on the Historic District Commission during the past two decades, signage has always been a major issue.  It is therefore important that the HDC post public notice and hold a public hearing on the application of: Kevin Patey for Jack's Barber Shack.

I want to share my appreciation for the efforts of so many in Manchester who have rallied to understand and act on information relating to Manchester’s natural resources, affordable housing and the future direction of the town.