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To the Editor,

This is the special time of the year when we give thanks and express hope for the future.  It seems appropriate, then, to mention some noteworthy events that happened with North Shore Horticultural Society (NSHS) this past year.

One event was a series of happy ones – this year’s Members Garden Tours.  These tours have been favorites on our annual schedule for years and have always been a special day for each one of us as we become a welcomed guest of another member.  

To the Editor,

I have been following the letters from various towns people about the Master Plan, the future of the town.  My conclusion?  Everyone is right from wherever they stand and whatever they see.  No one sees the whole. Can we stop this polemic?  The word comes from the Greek, “polemos,” which means war.  There is enough war in the world.

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We all know that walking and biking are good for our health and for the environment, writes the Manchester Bike & Pedestrian Committee in this OpEd piece, yet many of us hop into our cars, for even short trips.  We also know that in Manchester there are often too many cars and congested streets.  What can we do to make Manchester more pedestrian and bike friendly?

To the Editor,

I write to thank the voters who attended town meeting on Saturday afternoon.  More than 200 residents chose to come in from a beautiful autumn day to conduct the Town’s essential business.  With seating arranged to provide social distancing in both the gym and auditorium, voters and visitors considerately followed the public health protocol I developed.  Their discussion of the warrant articles was thorough and deliberate. 

To the Editor,

The leadership of the Board of Selectmen, the Planning Board and the ZBA should convene their members to participate in the series of webinars being presented by the Citizen Planner Training Collaborative beginning in November (here’s the link: bit.ly/31RAkzr)

The workshops–with experts and board members from towns all over the state – cover subjects such as zoning changes, land use decisions, housing, design review, special permits and more, topics that deal with the really complex policy and regulatory frameworks we work under. 

To the Editor,

The BOH November 12 "Mask Mandate" letter is preparing people for forced vaccination of little children, its clear (last paragraph) intent.  On November 5 Dr. Halm wrote " the mask mandate is purely based on protecting the still vulnerable parts of the population" because one is "not yet protected until they can be vaccinated."  On November 12 the BOH 4th bullet states "Fully vaccinated individuals have the potential to infect others once infected themselves".  Good grief!  Who is being protected from who and what is the vaccine doing?

We all know that walking and biking are good for our health and for the environment.  Yet many of us hop into our cars for even short trips.  We also know that in Manchester there are often too many cars and congested streets.  What can we do to make Manchester more pedestrian and bike friendly?

Improving safety is a first step.  Parents are reluctant to let their children bike to school because of automobile traffic.  Some sidewalks need repair.  Better signage, bike lanes and improved sidewalks would help solve these problems. 

To the Editor,Article 6 will be considered by town residents at the upcoming Town meeting on November 13 at 1 p.m. at the ME Regional Middle High School. Article 6 is advanced by the Manchester Housing Authority (MHA) and the Manchester Affordable Housing Trust (MAHT). The article is endorse…

To the Editor.

Masconomo Council 1232 Manchester by-the Sea Knights of Columbus recently concluded its annual fall fundraiser with record results.  That signature Council program supports a wide range of charitable activities of which Council 1232 can be justifiably proud. The generosity of parishioners from The Visitation Parish, comprised of Sacred Heart, Manchester by- the Sea and St John’s, Essex, as well as that of well-wishers from throughout Cape Ann and beyond, enabled the Council to raise record funds this year.  That will allow us to extend and strengthen our charitable outreach.

The Senate is now deciding the fate of local news.

As part of the Build Back Better Act, the Senate is in the next few days considering an important proposal: providing a payroll tax credit to local news organizations to retain or hire local journalists.

Why? Local news is in a deep crisis. The internet has fundamentally broken the business model of most local newspapers. The number of reporters has dropped by more than half since 2000.

Christina Delisio of Manchester writes that Town Meeting's Article 6 is premature and an abuse of the voter’s legislative power and purpose. Using the town's Pleasant Street land at a reduced or no cost to make a future affordable housing project financially feasible presents too many questions that need to be discussed before even a non-binding article goes forward. 

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The Manchester Board Of Health voted to approve a town wide mask mandate in late August.  This week, the board checks in to assure readers it has taken all sources of information under consideration during its deliberations and will continue to review public health data and studies to determine next steps.