<p><em>(Photos Anna Kasabian)</em></p>

Local Gardens: Turning Your Lawn into a Flower Garden

  Last Spring (2022) we agreed the grass in our backyard needed to go.  The mowing, raking, weeding, no longer were of interest!  The lawnmower was left at the end of our driveway and was …

Joseph Solman: Overlooked Paintings at Mercury Gallery in Rockport

Joseph Solman (1909-2008) was a seminal figure in the modernist art movement that flourished in 20th century Manhattan. He drew critical praise for his expressionist paintings of people, street …

At Home Now: Tile Away the Hours

<p><em>Exploring tile design on your own can be challenging. If you do go, remember to wear your sneakers, bring a water bottle, and leave a trail of breadcrumbs. </em></p><p><em> </em></p>

As an interior designer I spend a fair amount of time in building supply stores, one of which is the tile store.  And as I chat with my sales rep and make my selections, I sometimes turn a corner …

seARTS Art on the Rocks Opening Reception June 8

The Society for the Encouragement of the Arts (seARTS) proudly announces the seventeenth anniversary of its partnership with the Bass Rocks Golf Club for the Annual seARTS Art on the Rocks Program. …

Essex Artist Exhibiting Work June 7 - 30 at Santander Bank, Manchester

Art_Deb Johnson .jpg

Essex artist Deb Johnson will display her paintings at Santander Bank in Manchester from June 7 through the 30th. Deb grew up in Rockport and has lived in Essex for 46 years.  Spending summers …

Sculpture Dedication of MBTS Artist McAlister "Mac" Coleman
A dedication of McAlister “Mac” Coleman’s first welded steel piece after 53 years will take place at 1 p.m. Sunday, June 4th, on the Campus of the Northfield Mount Hermon School, in Gill, …
<p>North Shore Horiticultural Society Auction 2023</p>
Success at 2023 North Shore Horiticultural Society Plant Auction
LAST THURSDAY at the Sacred Heart Parish Hall, the North Shore Horiticultural Society held its popular annual plant auction.  Jo Goodwin-Rogers served as auctioneer, sharing her expertise as rich …
<p><em>Parents, coaches and sailors pose at the Manchester Yacht Club at the end of the coed sailing season.</em></p>
ME Varsity Sailing Team Report
We ended the sailing season with two events on the Charles River in Boston, and a cook-out at the Manchester Yacht Club. Mass Bay League Fleet Race Ian Carlin and Cole Cote, our top skipper and …
<p>At Home Now</p>
At Home Now: It’s Time and You Know it: the Spring Spruce Up
It’s May. It’s finally seasonally warm and we are all, at last, thinking of being out more than in.  There is nothing more delicious than opening windows, watching the pets sunbathe in the …
Spring Entertaining: Beautiful Backyard Deck Oasis
Embracing the Space Between Inside and Outside
Even in New England, the trend towards blurring the line between indoor and outdoor living has become increasingly popular.  It doesn’t seem to stop. Why is this happening?  One reason might …
p_14 Foraging_Gary Gilbert.jpg
Mushrooms, Gardening, Hunting, Learning
Mushrooms can benefit your landscaping efforts as well as add variety to your dinner table.  They can also be fun to study because of their complex nature and the sheer challenge of the science …
Woman standing flowers
At Home Now Confessions of a Springtime Scavenge
I have a long-time friend that lives alone in a beautiful house.  He’s got great taste, and his house is nicely decorated with a sort of masculine starkness.  He does this by design, not because …
Hands Gardening.jpg
2023 Gardening Season Is Here
As the days get longer and temperatures rise, it’s time for local gardeners to welcome in the 2023 gardening season.  This is an exciting time of year as you plan out your garden beds and decide …
Sophia Johansson 2_2023
Finding Balance: Horticulturalist Sophia Johansson Gives New Life to Five Acres in Essex
The North Shore has much going on in the way of gardening—from flower farming and amazing CSAs to spectacular home and formal gardens.  But out on Southern Avenue in Essex, just next to the Cox …
<p>The sparrow</p>
Bird’s Eye View: Twelve Birds That May Pay a Visit to Your Backyard Feeder
Winter has faded away again, and the rain will soon change to sunshine, which means it's time for outdoor activities again, such as sports, camping and gardening. However, an overlooked hobby might …
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