African Journals, Past and Present

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Sometimes memories of the past can combine with thoughts inspired by recent events to form new insights.  This was certainly the case when I returned last month from a safari in Southern …

Louisa Behnke - Wild

Wild Desert Drone

WILD CAN MEAN many things; of course.  But aside from its meaning, there is its feeling — like falling, freedom, and fresh air.  It suggests letting go.  Trusting that the answers are out …

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<p><em>The group in a panga boat off Santa Cruz Island, within the Amazon Rain Forrest in Ecuador. (Photos Larry Lamb)</em></p>
Postcards Home: A Return to Eden
Early in 2022 Manchester’s Larry Lamb, a veterinarian and the Cricket’s “Pets & People” columnist, took a trip of a lifetime with his daughter to the Ecuadorian end of the Amazon Rain …
<p><em>Blanchard’s “trekking family,” many whom have summited Kili more than 100 times.  They carried duffle bags, food, water, and set up our tents, all to support Blanchard’s climb. </em></p>
Postcards Home: Wonders and Challenges of Climbing “Kili”
HAVE YOU EVER thought about doing something to challenge yourself physically and mentally or getting yourself out of your comfort zone?  Well, I just did.  I successfully hiked to the top of Mount …
Main Street in Telluride, CO just before the parade.
Postcards Home: Telluride, Colorado’s Amazing Mushroom Festival
WHAT KIND OF WIERD THING on earth is a Mushroom Festival one might ask?  Well, there are Garlic Festivals, Apple Festivals and Tulip Festivals, so why not one for mushrooms?   Mind you, it is …
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Postcards Home | Camino de Santiago … A Modern Pilgrimage
Entering the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, the smell of incense seeped into my body.   I was taken by the expanse of the sanctuary.  Ornately painted gold and intricately carved with …
<p>River Jungle</p>
Postcards Home: Opening My Heart And Mind To The Amazon
I CAME TO THE AMAZON with an expectation of seeing many animals and bird species.  I was quickly to learn, that my anticipation of wildlife treasures was displaced by the sheer power of the land …
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