YOURS & MINE : Holiday Traditions

There are holiday traditions in aspirational books and television shows. Then, there are the real family traditions to celebrate the holiday season. Here are some good ones shared by local familiar faces. From an annual Christmas Eve date with a book to baking countless pies, locals celebrate this season in their own ways.
Bay of Fundy Salmon.

Welcome Home

When Allie’s Beach Street Cafe closed last spring, all of Manchester wondered what might be next for the space in the heart of downtown. The answer is 35 Beach, a completely reimagined eatery with a new, beautiful interior and a fusion menu.

Alex Pineda and Noe Ortega are The New Landing

The Landing in Marblehead has been a mainstay restaurant for decades, but in recent years a new operations team and two chefs with a big Boston pedigree has taken over. Kris McGinn checked it out.

Mushroom of the Week: Fungal Fruitings

All of our seemingly endless summer rains have produced some interesting fungal fruitings! Typically, we have a mid-summer drought, or worse, and can only collect fall species, but this year, we …

The Pink Moment: Mayflour Bakery Shines in Essex

For the past five years, Kris McGinn has been praying that a bakery would open in Essex. Wth Mayflour Bakery opening, her call is answered.

Mushroom of the Week: Chicken of the Woods

Chicken of the Woods is one of the “Top 4” easiest edible mushrooms to identify.   It is right up there with Morels, Puffballs, and the Shaggy Mane. Its bright orange colors can shine …

Mushroom of the Week: The White Button Mushroom

<p>Slate plate with cremini mushrooms on table</p>

The common White Button Mushroom is probably the most famous fungal fruiting body of them all.  It is found in virtually every grocery store in the world.   Eaten raw, or cooked, it is an …

The Caprese Fantastica (above) with burrata stracciatella, organic cherry tomatoes, and grilled Virgilios ciabatta is a popular new menu item, but the Cobb Salad (below) is a loved staple.
SPRING IS THE BUFFER SEASON, when daylight savings time brings an extra hour of sunlight, and the cool air starts to warm.  Summer’s coming, and locals start thinking about outdoor dining around …
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Vidalia’s — Hello Again
Melissa is trying to understand what the space should be.  She is standing in the middle of the sun filled room, toggling between produce, baked goods, artisanal groceries, and the insanely good …
Brick Caps, Hypholoma lateritium, (Photo: Bernard Spragg)
The Joys of Winter Mushrooms
It may be surprising, but one can find a few edible wild mushrooms during wintertime.  The good thing is that hunting them gives you something to do while you’re cross-country skiing or walking in …
<p>Black Trumpet Mushroom</p>
Mushroom Of The Week: Black Trumpet Martinis Anyone?
It is a long-standing tradition in Scandinavia, and more recently in North America, to infuse vodkas, aquavit, and other high-test distillates with local mushrooms, particularly Black Trumpets or …
Main Street in Telluride, CO just before the parade.
Postcards Home: Telluride, Colorado’s Amazing Mushroom Festival
WHAT KIND OF WIERD THING on earth is a Mushroom Festival one might ask?  Well, there are Garlic Festivals, Apple Festivals and Tulip Festivals, so why not one for mushrooms?   Mind you, it is …
<p>The Milky Caps</p>
Mushroom Of The Week: Milky Caps (Lactarius Species)
Milky caps are the only group of mushrooms that release liquid when their gills are cut.  Liquid can pour out of them in such huge volumes that it can drench your hands like someone turned on a …
<p><em>This is a group of 5<sup>th</sup> grade girls (rising Middle Schoolers) biked to and from Memorial together most days last school year when the weather was cooperative.  They met each morning at the corner of Pine and Pleasant at 8 a.m. (Left to right), Hadley Duncan, Lauren Scanlon, Chloe Marletta, Brooke Opal, Sophia Colarusso, Stella Mazzini, Kyra Wollach, Kinsley Gariano, Grace Burgess, Wren Lewis, Hadley Johnson, Antonia Vivanco, Emily Fedorowich, Annie Kent. </em> </p>
Important Bike Safety Suggestions For Summer
Hi! I have been a regular cyclist now for about 25 years. You will usually find me on my bike at least four days a week, I used to race and still ride in both Endurance and Charity ride events.  As …
Letter To The Editor: Fiduciary Responsibility = Taking Dispatch Regional
To the Editor, It is rare these days to see political office holders do the right thing, and not be concerned, or vote for their political survival.  Last week we saw courage displayed at a very …
<p><em>Seared Tuna Sandwich, Happy Humpback Cafe</em></p>
A Sandwich Lover’s Guide To Cape Ann
The popular origin story of the sandwich lies in the 18th Century when it’s said that John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich requested meat tucked between two pieces of bread, allowing him to continue …
Alfred Powers
Former Manchester Police officer, Alfred Powers, who served 20 years of service to the town from 1966 to 1986, passed away at the age of 88 on Friday morning.  Alfred and his wife Nancy Arena Powers …
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