MBTS Halloween Committee Thank You


To the Editor,
The Halloween Party at the Memorial School was a very busy location with families dropping in to start their Halloween evening. Pizza slices, drinks, goodie bags and glow-in-the-dark necklaces were available to all. This town tradition would not be possible without the many people who worked together to plan and run the event. Thanks, from the Halloween Committee to the following:
The MERSD for the use of the Memorial School;
Kitchen workers who passed out of the pizza and goodie bags – Lillian Muise, Muffin Driscoll, Charlotte Towle, Kathy and “Doc” Dainton;
Crew at the MFD including the two groups led by Lt. Jim Doucette and Lt. Jon Happel for putting together the goodie bags and delivering them to the school;
Chief McNeilly, MFD and Chief Fitzgerald and Lt, McCoy MPD for being at the party and spending time with youngsters working with the distribution of the glow-in-the-dark necklaces; and thanks to Tiffany Marletta and Heather DePriest for their work in promoting the event.
Special Thanks to Liz Swanson, Dina Brown and the crew at 4 Beach for donating all the penny candy that went into the goodie bags, Andrea Lance of Next Chapter Family Law and Estate Planning LLC for sponsoring the Glow-in-the-Dark necklaces and Cheryl Marshall, Park and Recreation Director for assistance in planning, promoting and running the event.
Thanks to those people who replied to our mailing asking for donations as well as many who dropped donations in the donation pumpkins at the event. They all supported this great event for the children in the community.
An event like this makes all believe in the power of many people coming together for others in our community.
Thanks again,
Tom Kehoe, for the Halloween Committee