Longevity Bench Project Launches Walking Challenge 


On the sixth anniversary of the launch of the Longevity Bench Project, the organization announced a summer-long partnership with the Parks and Recreation Department to underscore the value of the network of ADA-compliant benches throughout Manchester and to introduce a walking challenge to residents.  

“Many residents can now walk from their homes around their neighborhoods, switch over to adjoining loops and walk into town, visit friends and enjoy the outdoors bench-to-bench”, explained Lisa Bonneville, founder of the Project. “Only through the generosity of our donors and sponsors and town support have these benches become possible.”

Between May 10 and October 20, residents and friends of all ages and abilities are encouraged to visit every bench and walk all 11 loops – a challenge called the “Bench Walk Challenge.” 

To enhance the experience of walking the loops, guided tours have been organized twice during each month, May until October.  On these walks, you may learn about the trees, wildlife, and houses you pass, hear donor stories about each bench, and make new friends.   A walk leader will be the guide, with maps and tally cards to document your bench visits.  

The challenge will conclude on Saturday, October 20, at Masconomo Park, where officials will celebrate your accomplishments and award participants for noteworthy milestones. Those who visit all benches could be inducted into the “Longevity Bench Project Hall of Fame.”

Printed brochures and tally cards are available at Manchester’s Parks & Recreation Dept. and COA office, both located at Town Hall, and will be provided on all organized walks. 

Information on dates, locations and start points of each walk is available at longevitybenchproject.org.