Hatred In the World is a Long, Unacceptable Story of Humanity


To the Editor:
Turkey's claims: “Israel has been openly committing war crimes for 22 days, but the Western leaders cannot even call on Israel for a cease-fire, let alone react to it,” said Turkey's president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan last week, according to The Hill.
“We will tell the whole world that Israel is a war criminal,” he added. “We are making preparations for this. We will declare Israel a war criminal.”
Anyone of any generation who is expressing an opinion about the current Horrible and Sad Events in Israel and Hamas should try to get educated about these, "Horrible, Inhumane and Unthinkable" behavior of humans in that part of the world including Ataturk's Turkey National Movement and in Europe by the Nazis and which have taken place often during the last century up to now.
Several books have been written by different writers about all these shameful history events done to Humanity.
Everyone should read the book "Ships of Mercy," written in 2008 by Christos Papoutsy. It’s a thoroughly researched book with actual government documents, newspaper articles by media reporters on scene, actual photos, interviews and reports of the Events and Horror by people who later died and from the ones who lived through it and survived, etc.
It is the History of the Genocide, Atrocities and Expulsion of the Armenian, the Greek (after be-ing there for more than 6,000 years) and the Jewish peoples from Smyrna and its surrounding provinces along the coastal area of Asia Minor in September of 1922. It is now known as Ismir, Turkey.
Unfortunately, the Lausanne Treaty in 1924 it created amnesty granting immunity for crimes committed between 1914 and 1922.
My family and I cannot understand: why there is so much hatred toward Jewish People in our world? In my personal opinion they are the only people who have suffered, and they have been systematically treated the worst in the world for their extinction.
Why do people have so much hatred towards other humans because of their religion, origin, status, culture, knowledge, political and gender preferences, territories, and so many other differences. What a boring world we would have been living in if we were all the same!
We as a Country of far less than 300 years in existence and which represents, with its population, most if not all the Countries in the World. We should promote Peace, Democracy (which has nothing to do with the Democrat Party) and accept each other’s differences instead of supporting wars as a solution and special interests. People should learn to live in the land with each other, no matter what their differences are.
America has to take care of its own people and their needs and not take care of every other Country's needs and people with our taxpayers' money.
I was very blessed to have been born, brought up in my birth family and being married to a partner with similar family beliefs and life's values which we have passed on to our sons and hopefully to our grandchildren.
I thank my stars for my parents and my maternal grandmother who all introduced me to love, not hatred, to be kind, respectful and caring to others, to culture, art, history and music, allowing me to speak my mind in almost everything, including politics, fight for the rights of all and encouraged me to be independent from a very early age. And not discriminate against anyone about race, class, color or ethnicity and so on. I wouldn't have traded these values for anything!
We had, have and continue to have, friends of Jewish faith among our good friends and we will continue to do so.
There is a saying, "If we do not talk about History (positive & negative), it is often repeated".
Katerina Gates