Clarification on Manchester Zoning, Special Permits


To the Editor,
We are writing to help residents understand a number of important facts about special permits and Manchester Zoning and to correct a few of the numerous errors in Mr. Keefe’s letter in last week’s paper.
Special permits are intended to ensure that a proposed use is not detrimental to the Town. Specifically:
1)Special permits have nine comprehensive performance standards that are detailed in 11 pages of Section 6.3 of the Zoning Bylaw.
2)A special permit requires that a majority of the board determine that the standards are met.
3)Special permits do not waive lot size requirements.
4)Climate resilience and adaptation are important to Manchester and are consistent with state policy (see 2023 Massachusetts State Hazard Mitigation and Climate Adaptation Plan section 1.1.1).
5)Special permits require a public hearing and abutter notification.
We look forward to seeing fellow citizens on November 13.
Ron Mastrogiacomo, MBTS Planning Board Chair
Sarah Hammond Creighton, MBTS Planning Board Vice Chair