Thank You From Santa


Sunday, December 6th was a cool and blustery day in town, but that did not stop Santa’s Annual Tour around town sponsored by the Amaral Bailey Post #113 American Legion and the Seaside Fireman’s Club of the Manchester Fire Department. This traditional trip has been happening for over sixty years due to the dedication of the two groups much to the joy of the youngsters around town.  Also, special Thanks to Bill Bell for his financial support of the trip around town. 

The entire trip around town took just a little over two hours and then Santa headed right back to the North Pole to get ready for the December 24th trip around the world. 

This trip would not have been possible without the work of many people.  Thanks to FF Jon Happel and his wife Marsha for piloting Squad # 3 and Lt Jim Doucette for piloting the pick-up truck with Santa in the Zodiac around town. Special Thanks to Emma, Sophia and Maris Happel for the singing of the Christmas Carols along the route for all to hear.  Your voices made the tour fun for all involved. Thanks to Bill Bellmember of the Amaral Bailey Post # 113 and Tom Kehoe from the Seaside Fireman’s Club for taking care of the animal cracker distribution. Thanks to Lt. Tim Crosby for handling the logistics with the fire apparatus, Sg’t Mark McCoy and Lt. Steve Louf for their help on the tour and MFD Chief Jason Cleary for his support of the trip.  Most of all, Thanks to Santa and the residents of all ages who came out to welcome him to their neighborhoods with signs, cheers and well wishes. 

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