Unforgettable Afternoon Planned in Cape Ann Symphony Presents The Three B’s Concert


As the Cape Ann Symphony’s 72nd Concert Season draws to a close, anticipation builds for the grand finale: “The Three B’s Concert featuring Beethoven, Bizet, and Brahms.”
The production will take place at 2 p.m. Sunday, May 12 at Manchester-Essex High School auditorium.
The Three B’s Concert takes its name from a carefully curated selection designed to work together and open the audience’s eyes to something new. It will open with Beethoven’s stirring Egmont Overture, setting the tone for an evening of musical mastery. Following this, the production will ease into Bizet’s Symphony in C, a youthful and spirited composition that showcases the composer’s remarkable talent. The “pièce de resistance” of the afternoon will be Brahms’ majestic Violin Concerto, featuring the virtuosic talents of Lucia Lin, esteemed violinist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.
Yoichi Udagawa, the Cape Ann Symphony’s Music Director and Conductor said the last concert of the 72nd season will feature “three special Bs—the music of Beethoven, Bizet, and Brahms. The Beethoven Egmont is powerful and exciting. The Bizet is a youthful work full of high spirits, sparkle, and tremendous charm. He wrote the work when he was still 17, and his incredible genius is on full display. The Brahms monumental Violin Concerto will feature violinist Lucia Lin. She’s an incredible artist, virtuoso, and musician, and we all love working with her.”
Lin is indeed renowned for her extraordinary talent, and brings a wealth of experience to the stage. With a career spanning international performances and collaborations with prestigious orchestras, including the Boston Pops Orchestra and the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, Lin’s performance with the Cape Ann Symphony promises to be a highlight of the season, building on her past successes with the orchestra.
Born in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, Lin’s musical journey has taken her across continents and through a variety of prestigious positions. From her early debut with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra to her tenure as Concertmaster with the London Symphony Orchestra, her dedication to her craft is evident. Lin is also a professor of music at Boston University’s College of Fine Arts.
Tickets for The Three B’s Concert are $45 for adults to $5 for youth aged 12 and under.
With a legacy spanning over seven decades, the Cape Ann Symphony continues to enrich the cultural landscape of the region. Under the leadership of Music Director Yoichi Udagawa, the orchestra remains committed to providing unparalleled musical experiences for audiences of all ages.

Cape Ann Symphony’s The Three B’s: Beethoven, Bizet, and Brahms
Sunday, May 12 at 2 p.m.
ME Regional High School Auditorium
Lincoln Street, Manchester
$45 adults, $5 youth 12 and under