Margaret Lampert Photography at Gladstone


Gladstone, the jewelry boutique and gallery in Manchester, is currently exhibiting The Space Between, images by Cambridge photographer Margaret Lampert. 

When the World Health Organization declared a COVID-19 pandemic on March 11, most of us began sheltering in place.  Stuck inside, our only view of the world was through our windows.  While most people were inside looking out, Margaret ventured out to look in.  The Space Between is a selection of the work she completed during this time.  The photographs reflect and superimpose the inner and outer worlds and every picture tells a story. 

“There is something about the mysterious and painterly qualities inherent when one shoots ‘through’ windows or screens that feels timeless and seemed to effectively capture the experience of living through a pandemic when time was so indistinct, and our lives felt somewhat suspended.”  

The exhibition can be viewed in the gallery through end November as well as virtually on Gladstone’s website, The gallery is located at 36 ½ Union Street. 

 The artists website: 
Instagram @margaret_lampert 

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