Halloween House Decorating


Parks and Recreation is working to put together a list of the many houses that are decorated for Halloween.  With the expected cold temperatures on Saturday, observing decorated houses from the warm car might be a perfect way to celebrate! 

We are working to compile a list that will go out through social media on Friday.  To enter your house we need your address by Thursday at 5:00.  You can send it via Facebook or through the official online Registration at http://bit.ly/mbtshomeform. 

More importantly, a route with all the houses listed will be available by Friday at 5:00 on the Parks and Recreation Facebook page as well as on the Town's website on the Parks and Recreation page for families to go out viewing. We are asking houses to remain decorated through the weekend so don't feel like you have to go Halloween night. 

We hope that everyone has a fun and safe Halloween! 

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