Water Explored In Rocky Neck Art Colony Exhibit


The new exhibition at Rocky Neck Art Colony, H2O: A Deep Dive, examines how we know water through an artistic lens.  In the call for art for the show, open to Rocky Neck Art Colony members and others, artists were asked to explore the subject of water and engage viewers to think about and appreciate its importance in our world.

Water, ice and steam, the three states of H2O, are easily observable in our daily lives. Water is in every living cell on earth, acting as the necessary transport for all vital functions. Solid ice of winter yields to the green of spring, and evaporation from summer's heat returns as rainstorms and cold fall frosts. As the water flows, so follows life, its primacy reflected throughout the world's arts, religions, mythologies, sciences and economies.

"If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water."- Loren Eiseley.

The exhibit’s juror,Katherine French, has served as director of art galleries at Boston University, the Montserrat College of Art and Catamount Arts, and retired as Director Emerita from the Danforth Museum of Art. Now an independent curator, she has organized exhibitions for the Vermont Arts Council, the New Britain Museum of American Art, the Ogunquit Museum of Art and numerous other organizations.  A recipient of awards for curatorial excellence from the New England chapter of the International Association of Art Critics, she was also named Best Curator of Locally Made Art at the Boston Art Awards.

The Artists: Janet Albert, Kristen Anderson, Hilary Bachelder, Paula Borsetti, Len Burgess, Laurinda Butcher, Mike Cangemi, Jeanne Carey, Matt Cegelis, Michele Champion, Jillian Demeri, Maria Denjongpa, Mark Dierker, Liz Sibley Fletcher, Lisa Goren, Sara Gravante, Kata Hull, Nancy Jarvis, Linda Kauss, Roberta Kovner, Linda Lamarche, Mary Latino, Perry McIntosh, William Mitchell, Janet Montecalvo, Skip Montello, Brian Murphy, Rebecca Nagle, Charles Norris, Diane Norris, Judy Robinson-Cox, Tom Robinson-Cox, Joyce Roessler, Joan Ryan, Ruth Schneider, Patricia Scialo, James Seavey, Robin Smith, Suzanne Ulrich, Raphael Warshaw

The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck is the official welcome center for Rocky Neck, one of the oldest working art colonies in the country.  The center hosts exhibitions, workshops, meetings, lectures and cultural events of all kinds.

H2O: A Deep Dive

Rocky Neck Cultural Center

6 Wonson St. | Gloucester

June 30 to August 7

$ Free