Letter To The Editor: Support Continued Outdoor Dining On June 7th


To the Editor,

I am writing to ask for your support to permit restaurants to continue outdoor dining in the Town of Manchester.  I believe this will best serve the Town in many ways.  Public safety will be served by dining in the open air.  Public well-being will be served as those still reluctant to return to public places can transition back to a gradual sense of comfort in their community. The downtown business recovery program, currently looking for projects, can be served by this program that has already demonstrated successful economic results through challenging times.

On June 7 the Board of Selectmen (BOS) will meet and there is a strong possibility that they will vote to end outdoor dining.  Currently the Massachusetts State Legislatures and other local municipalities are looking into extending the licensing past the state of emergency being lifted. People will go where there is outdoor dining.  Outdoor dining can only serve to draw residents and visitors alike to our wonderful downtown.

I am asking for the support of The Editor, The BOS, and the citizens of Manchester so that I can continue in my service to the community.

Kind Regards,

Glenn Varga, Allie’s Beach Street Cafe

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