Letter To The Editor: MBTS ZBA Should Not Approve SLV Development


To the Editor,

I am writing to voice my opinion about the SLV application that is before the Manchester Zoning Board of Appeals for Shingle Place Hill.  If it is approved, it will commit ecocide!

 A sanctuary already exists on upper School Street in the many acres of natural, unspoiled open space.  This surrounding area will be forever impacted if SLV’s proposal is approved.  SLV proposes to create a pseudo-sanctuary on Shingle Place Hill, whereas a real sanctuary already exists.  The miles of woodland trails are already there for all people to enjoy, renew their spirit, and to commune with nature.  Right now, there is no out-of-place visual impact to destroy this natural sanctuary.

The construction of SLV’s housing project on Shingle Place Hill will commit Ecocide!  The actions from this project will destroy the natural environment that now exists—by deliberate and negligent human activity!  And, the destruction of Shingle Place Hill will impact not only that site—those 20-some steep acres—it will forever alter the vistas that surround Shingle Place Hill. 

The applicant is asking if he can demolish an existing natural environment that will actually impact a far greater area.  His activity will impact far more than those acres.  The SLV project will impact every passerby along upper School Street with its unnatural—HUGE—man-made footprint.  It is a proposal that will never fit into these surroundings.  This applicant is asking for myriad variances from the Manchester Conservation Commission and many waivers from the Zoning Board of Appeals.  If this project fit this site, these variances and waivers would not be necessary!

Is common sense dead?  This proposed housing project mirrors countless others already visible along Route 95 and in the midst of larger communities; miles of commercial development and apartment complexes already exist in these built-up heavy traffic areas.  There must be other appropriate sites to build the SLV 130+ housing units.  The Shingle Place Hill housing project proposed by SLV is out of place in our small community, and especially on a steep hill surrounded by a beautiful, unspoiled, natural environment.

If this project is approved, it will be too late to speak up!  This is not the time to remain quiet.  There will be one more Zoning Board of Appeals meeting on Zoom: 7pm on June 22.  Please join in and let your voice be heard!

Karin M. Gertsch


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