Brown Paper Packages


If you visit The Bookshop of Beverly Farms, which I highly recommend you do, there is something especially enchanting waiting on a little stack of shelves just before the register to your right. Here you will find a small collection of books wrapped in brown paper, and yes, tied up with string. On the front of each is a brief and beguiling description of the mysterious title inside. If you are up for it, you can purchase these books at a slight discount and find yourself, as I did, deep in the pages of an outstanding book you likely would not have found your way to otherwise. The bibliophile behind this bit of fun is Hannah Harlow, co-owner of The Bookshop and she calls the wrapped stack, “A Blind Date With A Book.” What fun. In addition to giving us a lovely place to go and discover our next great read, she has agreed to share book recommendations with The Cricket in a monthly column — Shop Thoughts.  

hannah harlow, bookshop of beverly farms