Back To Business: Prom Edition


At Tuck’s Point in Manchester last Friday, a familiar ritual returned in the form of the Manchester Essex Regional High School pre-prom picture parade that makes its way each year to the Rotunda at the inner harbor—the idyllic backdrop. This year’s numbers were thinner than the normal throng, as the normal “Junior-Senior” prom was culled to just the Senior Class.  And cold rains were predicted to dump on the area at any moment.  No matter.  Nothing was going to stop these young, beautiful people from getting out in the first weekend of after the lifting of the state’s COVID safety restrictions.  Exuberance was the order of the day, or afternoon. And the rain held off.  A flood of silk and satin of all colors, and yes, some lace moved in, with happy greetings and proud parents taking lots of photos.  Happy times.  Then, off to the Castle Hill in Ipswich for the actual event.  Back at Tuck’s Point, rains began in earnest by 7 p.m.  By then, everyone got their shot. A wonderful return.