Some holiday decorating tips


Too much stuff?  Reign it in!  No one likes a room that feels cluttered and chaotic.  So, choose some, and save some others for something different in the years to come.

Focus on a few locations and do them up big.  Maybe it’s your mantle, your dining room table, your half bath (always fun), and your patio table which you will light up.  Having a few areas of WOW is better than spreading all your stuff out evenly.

Establish a design theme, not just your tree, but for your whole home.  Perhaps you focus on red lights, gold balls and votif holders, and you showcase your fabulous collection of snow globes.  Stick with that theme for all locations, and then change it up next year.

Don’t forget your ceiling.  Do something unexpected!  Hang branches topped with some out-of-the-can snow, or dangle home-made snowflakes, or golf balls.  Anything goes!

Curate your own string of lights.  For instance, you can swap out every fourth bulb to be a different color.  It’s a nice way to add some color without overwhelming. 

Ornaments are not just for trees.  Try them in glass bowls or tall vases, lay them down your table runner, hang them from your candelabra. 

Get the whole family involved.  No designer display is worth it if little hands can’t participate, or if you are displaying only meaningless items you picked up at Home Goods.  The best displays are from the heart!