SHOP NOTES | Kicking Off Women’s History Month — Bravely


In celebration of Women’s History Month, local author Pauline Renehan Weger and co-author Alicia Williamson, are releasing their new book Bravely.  Pauline, who came to Manchester in the fourth grade and lived in town for 15 years, has teamed up with Hannah Harlow at The Bookshop of Beverly Farms, to celebrate both the book launch and women in history.

Bravely came about as Pauline and Alicia began sourcing quotes from women.  They found themselves asking why there was not a wider array of voices.  “Where are the artists?  Where are the scientists?  Inventors?  Film directors?  Why are we not hearing their voices?”, explained Pauline.  So they set about finding these women so that we could hear what they had to say — so that we could hear their voices.

Bravely, is a book of inspiring quotes and stories from trail-blazing women.  Covering 100 American women, many of whom came from other countries, the book is meant to be an entry point for young readers looking for female role models that inspire them.  The profiles include much-loved figures, like Harriet Tubman, Louisa May Alcott, Sally Ride, Simone Biles, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Beyoncé.  You’ll also find a secret soldier, a polar explorer, a symphony composer, a WWII spy, a skyscraper architect, a White House chef, a monastery founder, an organic farmer, a virtual reality pioneer, and social entrepreneurs of every stripe.

To accompany the book, Pauline and Alicia created a Bravely Journal.  The journal is meant to coach readers and help them chronicle their ideas and voices in such a way as to encourage them to take their ideas out into the world.  The journal expands to include 90 women from around the world as well.  Together the journal and the book hope to inspire readers and show them what is possible.

If you are interested in learning more about Bravely or any other book to celebrate Women’s History Month, definitely visit Hannah at The Book Shop of Beverly Farms where you will find no shortage of inspiration.  Happy Women’s History Month!

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