Letter To The Editor: Happy Pride!


To the Editor,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported the LGBTQ+ Pride Progress Flag raising that we held on June 1 on the Town Common.

The Pride Progress flag will fly proudly on the Town flagpole for the entire month of June in celebration of Pride month.  A special thank you to the amazing support of people who attended the multiple Select Board meetings required to get the request approved by the Select Board (final vote of 4:1).  Thank you to the crowd of people (residents and nonresidents alike) who attended the Flag rally on our Town common.  Your voices were a welcomed sound and successfully overwhelm the hateful comments and actions of others in this town. To MBTS resident Jennifer, and her family, I want to thank you for sharing your unfortunate experiences of prejudice and hate and I can only hope that in some small way this event and milestone eases some of that shameful burden.  To the MBTS Condakes family, we all owe you a debt of gratitude for being the first family to get the Pride flag raised 5 years ago.  To the groups of North Shore Pride, Inc., North Shore LGBTQ+ Social Network and Manchester Essex Diversity Council, your support has been greatly appreciated and your missions help us be a better and more welcoming community.  Finally, to my amazing wife Lisa, you are my voice of reason and you help me to find hope when I tire from the journey.  I thank you and love you.

Thank you all once more and ... Happy Pride!

Hope Watt-Bucci


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