Letter To The Editor: Fiduciary Responsibility = Taking Dispatch Regional


To the Editor,

It is rare these days to see political office holders do the right thing, and not be concerned, or vote for their political survival.  Last week we saw courage displayed at a very grass roots level, our own Manchester’s Select Board.  With four of the five select board members voting to proceed with the NSR911 Regional Dispatch System, in defiance with the non-binding referendum, which clearly indicated a desire of those voting to remain independent, the board demonstrated their fiduciary responsibility to do what is right for the town.  Non-binding referendums are a waste of time, and rarely reflect the desire of the majority, in view of the fact only about half of us vote (shame on us!)  These important matters need to be left in the hands of those we have elected to represent us.  If, at the end of the day, you disagree with your elected representative, then vote them out of office.  Sadly, politics is becoming more and more a popularity contest, and referendums tend to perpetuate that.

Peter G Eschauzier


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