Letter To The Editor: “Democracy”... the Babble of Equivalent Voices


To the Editor,

“Be informed and get involved” … but not TOO involved as Mr. Russell would have it in last week’s Cricket.  As a frequent attendee of his Planning Board meetings, I suspect I am one of those motivated vocal minorities that provoke Mr. Russell's angst.  Guilty as charged.

Of course, were it not for an Open Meeting Law, the voice of residents who are concerned about how the deliberations and decisions of this Board affect the Town, would be mute; as it is, residents may not even comment on anything that is pertinent to the agenda for their meetings … only topics NOT on the agenda.  How does this odd narrowing of protocol support resident involvement? 

In my experience, Mr. Russell would indeed prefer a crescendo of more voices, particularly those that agree with him.  As a former member of the Planning Board, I suggest Mr. Russell learn to value feedback from constituents and colleagues apart from their degrees or professions.  We all make up this community, and want the best for it.

Sheila Hill, Manchester