A Letter to the Editor: No On “Friendly” SLV 40B Project


To the Editor: 

After watching the Zoom meetings of both CIMAH and the Board of Selectmen, we are firmly convinced that the proposal made by SLV should not be deemed a “Friendly” Local Initiative Project (LIP).  Granting a Friendly 40B LIP indicates that the Town is in favor of the project, while it is obvious that many Manchester residents are not in favor of this unfriendly and inappropriate project. 

The location of the project, to begin with, is undesirable for both Manchester and for any residents who would be living there, should the project become a reality. In addition, construction of this project has many environmental concerns, as well as concerns with provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

You are all officials elected by the people of Manchester and are also residents of Manchester. While we agree that Manchester has been negligent in the past of meeting the 10 percent affordable housing requirement, this is not the” quick fix” way to correct prior deficiencies by “kowtowing” to SLV. 

The proposal made by CIMAH to allow Manchester to obtain Safe Harbor status is the only proper and logical way to proceed. We understand that, by not providing SLV with a Friendly 40B LIP, there is the risk that the State Housing Appeals Committee, could allow them to proceed. However, as a town, Manchester is showing that we are prepared to correct our past faults. 

We urge the Board of Selectmen to unanimously reject the SLV proposal. 


Roy and Martha Mayne, Manchester

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