What Was Happening | May 12



90 Years Ago – 1933

Some 400 Redmen attended the great demonstration at Terantine Tribe Swampscott Friday evening and evinced much interest in the talk given by R.E. Newman of this town on Custer’s last stand, as well as the performance put on by Albert Bater and his assistant Archie Cool.

The usual practice drill held by the Fire department the first Monday in May was held this week when ladders were raised, and hose lines taken up and other ladder work performed.

75 Years Ago – 1948

Sixty-one years ago, was born the Manchester Cricket, pledged at that time, as now, to chronicle the happenings of interest in Manchester for the people of Manchester in an unbiased manner and to present the wholesome side of the news, rather that the morbid.

Moving of ties, from the B. & M. yards to the park, for the July 4th bonfire will start Monday evening.  It is requested that all Legionnaires who can, be on hand Monday evening at 6:30 p.m.  to help in this work.

60 Years Ago – 1963

Twenty boys and girls from Manchester have successfully passed the Red Cross Standard First Aid course.  Instructing the group were Mrs. Bernice Fiahlo, R.N.; assisted by Mrs. Jean Arthur of Gloucester, and authorized Red Cross First Aid instructor.

Chief L. Allan Andrews has announced that a vigorous program of traffic enforcement will be in effect 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year beginning May 24.  Tags will be issued that must be returned by mail or personally to the police department within four days.

45 Years Ago – 1978

This is Litter Olympics Week in Massachusetts.  Governor Dukakis has asked each city and town to participate in a massive clean-up after our disastrous winter.  The Selectmen and the Superintendent of schools have asked youth groups of Manchester to become involved in this worthwhile program.

The Boys Tennis team continued their unbeaten streak recording victories at North Reading and at Newburyport.  No. 1 and 2 singles Barry Pasek and Bill Ina remain unbeaten as the team preps for tough matches coming up with once-beaten Hamilton-Wenham and unbeaten Lynnfield.

30 Years Ago – 1993

Only 992 of the town’s 3504 registered voters managed to get to the polls on Tuesday to cast their ballots in the annual town elections.  This was one of the lowest turnouts in the history of town elections according to veteran pollsters.

Miss Nancy Bachman and Mr. Harry Tozier were honored at a reception last Friday in the Manchester Jr. Sr. High School cafetorium upon the occasion of their pending retirement from the Manchester school system.

15 Years Ago – 2008

Manchester-Essex High School seniors Hannah Lawson and Ashley Kaner placed top 20 overall in the category of Hospitality Management at the DECA International Career Development Conference held in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Sovereign Bank of Manchester is pleased to announce that local artist, Fred Rice will be the featured artist at the bank during the month of March.  The collection of paintings and drawings will include subjects of local interest including Eaglehead and Singing Beach.

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