What Was Happening |March 3


90 Years Ago – 1933

Manchester was visited by another heavy snowstorm Saturday night which proved even worse than that of a few weeks ago and one of the worst for several years.  Some 13-14 inches of snow fell being much heavier that in the previous storm and consequently more difficult to handle.

The Essex County Association of Forest Fire Wardens will come to Manchester next Wednesday evening when they will be guest of Fire Warden Manuel S. Migel for their monthly meeting which will be held in lower Horticultural Hall where a supper will be served by caterer Reed.

75 Years Ago – 1948

After a week or so of what appeared to be Spring weather, we are back on the winter routine, i.e., snow, snow, snow.  Two more storms have dumped another 12-15 inches of snow in our midst.  So, the banks on the side of the road are once again piled high, roofs have their coating and water is beginning to seep inside homes.

The pupils of Story High have set a record in regard to the Boston Herald Spelling Bee never before obtained by the school.  Three of the four pupils who went to the semi-finals in Boston came back with the honors.  These three are John Plasman, Senior; Nancy Bachman, Junior; and Edward Parsons, Sophomore.  These pupils will go to Faneuil Hall on March 20th to compete in the finals.

60 Years Ago – 1963

The Boston and Main Demonstration experiment continue to attract more passengers.  During the sixth reporting week the line carried 28 percent more passengers in 1963 than in 1962, reported Dr. Joseph F. Maloney, Executive Director of the Mass Transportation Commission.

The Conservation Commission has directed its initial efforts on open land toward selecting wooded areas where the Town already owns land which can be kept as weeds for the recreational use of the Townspeople.  Part of the area north of Route 128 and west of the new road to Essex seems to be suitable for future use as a relatively undeveloped area.  We have also studied the Powder House Hill area to see what can be done to safeguard it and make it more useful for recreation.

45 Years Ago – 1978

The Manchester Elder Brethren are preparing now for the 100th Gathering of their Association, which will take place on Saturday, July 8 at Tuck’s Point.  An energetic committee, under the most capable leadership of co-chairman Eric Erickson, Jr. and Louis Ranieri has met several times and are now at work preparing a suitable booklet and are about to launch ticket sales.

The Hornet’s closed their 1977-78 basketball season Monday, February 20, with an unexpected upset by Rockport.  The first time the teams met this year the Hornet’s came from behind to win with a 25-point fourth quarter burst.  The second battle followed almost the exact same course except that this time Rockport matched the Hornets final quarter 24 points with 22 of their own.  This snatched victory and a chance to play at the State tournament right out of the Hornet’s hands.

30 Years Ago – 1993

Once again it was roll-of time in the men’s Monday evening bowling league.  This year the James Fraser Memorial Cup will be presented from last year’s champs the Cricket’s to this year’s champs, Stoneworks.  They won their roll-off against the first half winners, Peggy’s Sub, by an 8-0.

The Board of Selectman will meet with representatives of Massachusetts Electric Company on Tuesday, March 9 at 4 p.m. at Town Hall.  The board has requested this meeting to discuss recent power outages that have plagued the town.  The need for better communication with the public during emergency power outages and the company’s plans for improving the system in the near future.

15 Years Ago – 2008

Tuesday, February 26 the ninth-seeded Manchester-Essex Girls’ Basketball team traveled to eighth-seeded Lynn Tech to play the first round of Division 4 State Tournament.  The Hornet’s used full court pressure and an aggressive inside game to defeat Lynn Tech 53 to 43. 

Please help our injured troops in Iraq with a clothing/supplies drive Fridays in March from 7-10 p.m. at The Landing.  With each item donated, new or second-hand clothing, you will receive a raffle ticket for items to be raffled off at 10 p.m. each night.

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