What Was Happening | June 23


90 Years Ago – 1933

The fire department was called for a lively blaze at the Kranfus cottage, formerly the S.P. Blake estate on Jersey Lane, at 8:34 p.m. Friday.  The fire originated from sparks from an open wood fire on the hearth which ignited furniture in the rooms on the third floor.  Owing to a very prompt response by the fire department the flames were caught before any real progress had been made and a bad fire averted.

Conomo Tribe Red Men held an election of Great Chiefs and tribal chiefs Wednesday sleep and a program of “Booster Nights” was discussed.  Following the meeting refreshments of strawberries and cream were served.

75 Years Ago – 1948

1/5 Jarvis L. Saulnier, U.S. Army, Forest Street, is being held a prisoner of Capodistria, Italy, by Yugoslavian authorities it was reported this week by the Army adjutant general’s office, in a telegram to his father.

The Board of Assessors announced this week that the 1948 tax rate for Manchester would be $36.00 per one-thousand-dollar valuation, an increase of $2.40 over the 1947 rate of $33.60.

60 Years Ago – 1963

Our five-digit ZIP code is 01944.  Everyone in Manchester will use the ZIP code on all their correspondence to speed mail deliveries and reduce the chance of mis-sent mail.  ZIP Code, the Post Office Department’s revolutionary new system of improved mail dispatch and delivery goes into effect nationally on July 1.

Plans for Ladies Tennis Day to be held Wednesday, July 10th are almost completed and a great deal of interest has been shown not only in Manchester but from surrounding communities.  Tennis Day is sponsored by the Manchester Athletic Association and all proceeds are to go toward improving tennis facilities in the town.

45 Years Ago – 1978

In its constant effort to provide service to the town and to become self-sufficient the Manchester Youth Center has opened its doors to the public with the grand opening of the MYC Ice Cream Parlor. 

Four Manchester juveniles were arrested for being minors in possession of alcohol and violation of the park act.  One was charged with violation of the park act and possession of fireworks.

30 Years Ago – 1993

The Manchester Boosters Club invites any Manchester group interested in fund raising to staff a booth at the upcoming Boosters Club Summer Festival.  This is an excellent opportunity for your group to gain more public awareness of what your group does and to raise funds for your organization.

15 Years Ago – 2008

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and the Manchester Conservation office are requiring all floats stored at Tuck’s Point on the salt marsh along Whittier Cove to be stored elsewhere.  The float storage in this area is a violation of the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act.

After rising for 10 consecutive weeks, gasoline prices in Massachusetts are unchanged this week.  AAA’s June 23 survey averaging $4.69 per gallon.

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