What Was Happening| July 28



90 Years Ago – 1933

One of the most beautiful rainbows that has been seen for years appeared in the Eastern sky just before sunset Tuesday evening.   It was unbroken making a complete arch across the sky and lasted several minutes.

Last Friday night the Town team went to Rockport to play the fast Rockport Town team, the 4th game of the series and came home with a fine victory 6-2.  Fred Cool in the box for Manchester pitched fine ball holding his opponents to four hits.

75 Years Ago – 1948

Three Manchester men were rescued from the waters off Misery Island Monday morning after spending over an hour in the water, during which time one of the men was held up by a companion.  The three, James Bachman, Thomas Peters, and Eugene Gillis, were on a fishing party and were tossed into the water when their small boat capsized.  Peters, who was unable to swim, was held up by Bachman and to Jim goes the credit for saving the life of his friend.

Property owners’ exclusive rights to their section of Magnolia Beach were upheld Wednesday in Massachusetts Land Court thus ending a debate that waged for a month last Spring.  The court ruled that the public does not have a right of access of the Raymond Street residents’ property and allowed the property owners to “register” their title.

60 Years Ago – 1963

The enlargement of the town’s police department will be recommended at the 1964 town meeting by the Board of Selectman.  An agreement has been reached between the three-member Board and Police Chief L. Allan Andrews, calling for the addition of one more permanent patrolman in 1964 at the expense of about $4,800 or a little over $1.00 to the average taxpayer.

Alexander R. MacDonald, chairman of the Manchester Park Commission, announced last week that the Commission has voted to set aside an area on the Salem end of Singing Beach for a recreation area.

45 Years Ago – 1978

The Yankees coached by Greg Maijenski and Frank Aiello captured their second consecutive Little League title by defeating the Indians in a best two out of three game series played last week.  Members of the champion Yankees were:  Bob Foley, Carl Bachry, Tim Allen, Craig Morse, Scott Smyth, Sean Johnson, Peter Townsend, Ian Wood, Tom Lewis, Adam MacDonald, Eric Bolton, Tim Everitt, Jeff Hare and Jim Donovan.

Our very competent tennis instructor, Mrs. Diane Coons, organized and supervised a tennis tournament with a team representing the Hamilton Playground on Thursday, July 20, this event was a playground first.  Both playground staffs were especially pleased with the success of this endeavor, and we plan to arrange a return match in Hamilton.

30 Years Ago – 1993

The Board of Selectman put an end to any immediate hopes of finding water in the town’s bedrock Tuesday, by voting unanimously to abandon the search and proceed with building a treatment plant at Gravelly Pond.

Manchester-by-the-Sea license plates will be available for purchase beginning July 31 on Chamber of Commerce Sidewalk Bazaar Day.  The number plates come with a white background with a cluster of small blue sailboats stretched across the middle and Manchester-by-the-Sea underneath in blue lettering.

15 Years Ago – 2008

This is an update of the Manchester-Essex Middle High School project.  Steel is being erected in the auditorium area, once that is done, the building skeleton will be complete.  Most of the floor and roof decking and insulation are in place.  Interior wall studding is ongoing.  Electrical, plumbing, fire protection and HVAC technicians are working onsite.

The first Manchester Arts Festival will be held throughout downtown on Saturday, July 26 from 9-5 p.m.  Please don’t miss this exciting first ever happening.

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