The January Insurrection. It happened before... in 1876


Manchester-by-the-Sea, Ma. —When Our Election Was in Doubt will be the topic of an online meeting on Monday, April 26th, featuring Marty Doggett, former Headmaster of Governor’s Academy. It is sponsored by We Are America The Beautiful. 

Marty Doggett taught a popular Constitutional Law class while at Governor’s. He will discuss the contested elections of 2020 and 1876, and the power of our Constitution. 

This meeting will be streamed live beginning at 6:30p on our We are America the Beautiful Facebook page, and the audience can post questions in the Fb event discussion. The entire presentation can also be viewed on our website, WeAreAmericaTheBeautiful and Facebook page at 9p on Monday, April 26th and thereafter. 

About We Are America The Beautiful 

We Are America The Beautiful is a non-partisan civic action initiative founded in Dec. 2016 by Manchester resident Therese Melden and Beverly resident Kim Woods. The organization seeks to engage their neighbors to learn about the status of national events, the impact of local action and the importance of voting thoughtfully. Further information is available at the We Are America The Beautiful website at