The Checkered Flag Goes to Pack 30 Cub Scouts


The stage was set for race day.  Cub Scouts had picked up their Pinewood Derby Kits and attended a scheduled build night with aspirations of making the fastest car, or the coolest looking one.

Parents worked together with their Cub Scout to come up with a plan for their block of wood, four nails and four wheels.  Some had previously built a car, for others, it was their first time.  Some cars were sleekly painted, many cars intended to express a themed design, while others were decorated in a rainbow of colors. Once completed, the final step for the Cub Scout was to name their car. 

Cub Scouts hoped their car’s name would bring them luck, and creativity abounded in chosen names: Nailed It, Firebolt, Pirate Convertible, Mic Drop, Ridgeback Racer, Speed Falcon, Blue Devil, Krackatowa, Oak, Honey Buggie, Greenland Viper, Sinus Infection, Faze-Smiley, Rock and Roll, Blue Ribbon, Rainbow, Susbus, The Roman Racer, Crossbones, Bolt, and Zippo, would be among a fleet of 26 non-motorized cars. 

Racers gathered this past Sunday, January 29, at the Sacred Heart Parish Hall to face the 32-foot Pinewood Derby track.  Final weigh-ins ensured each car weighed five ounces.  Cars were numbered and entered into the computer system which would randomize the races.  Each car would have four races, one on each of the four lanes of track. 

Excitement was in the air as the first four cars descended down the track.  The enthusiasm and camaraderie were palpable.  Cubs gathered in groups to cheer for their favorite car or celebrate heat wins.  Families sat back and enjoyed the smiles.  Snacks kept the pack going as 26 heats were raced.  

As Derby Day came to a close, Max Crosby won the award for the safest car with his car Max, while Caroline Judge won the Most Artistic award for her dog car, Piko.  When all the race results were tabulated, it was the Ochs Family taking the top three spots: Lucia’s car, The Dragon, in first with an average time of 2.2628 seconds; Gregory’s car, Blue Demon, in second with an average time of 2.2660 seconds; and Sebastian’s car, The Orange Blast, in third with an average time of 2.2748 seconds.  

Yet all Cub Scouts came away with a win of memories and the pride of creating their own race car. 

A special thanks to the Pit Crew: Ken Warnock, Mark Donohoe, and Troop 3 Scout, Ben Ochs, Master of Ceremony, Mark Whitman, Mike Mangini for running the timing system, and to all parents who supported their Cub Scouts.

Pack 30 Cub Scouts is open to boys and girls in grades one through five.  For more information on joining the pack, go to

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