St. Patrick’s Day Party Planning


Each March 17, and even in the days surrounding that date, the world is awash in Kelly green. That is because it is once again time to pay homage to the patron saint of Ireland and perhaps engage in a little spirited revelry.

St. Patrick’s Day is an opportunity to honor St. Patrick and celebrate the Irish diaspora and culture. From lively bagpiping to delicious foods to spirited parades, St. Patrick’s Day features many chances for merriment, which can even extend to private parties held at home. The following are some party-planning ideas to ensure this St. Patrick’s Day is as jovial as ever.

Customize invitations.

Get guests in the mood with themed party invitations. Whether paper invites or electronic ones, take advantage of the many designs available online and in-store. Entertaining puns and plays on words can be the way to go with invitations, which also can showcase shamrocks and other symbols of St. Patrick’s Day.

Incorporate white and orange

Green garners its share of attention on St. Patrick’s Day. However, the earliest accounts of St. Patrick associate him with blue. Green was later adopted, perhaps in homage to the Emerald Isle. But green is not the only color associated with Ireland, as the nation’s flag can attest. White and orange decorations also can round out displays on St. Patrick’s Day.

Stock up on gold coins

Party stores may sell foil-wrapped chocolate coins this time of year, and they can be used to create a “pot of gold” display at your St. Patrick’s Day party.

Hire a piper

Bagpipes feature prominently in St. Patrick’s Day parades, and hosts can book a piper to play a few tunes in traditional garb during a party.

Create an Irish pub at home

Set up an area of the space and provide the accoutrements one would find in an Irish pub. In addition to having Guinness available, stock other classic Irish spirits, including Irish Mist, Poitín, Jameson, Sheridan’s, Baileys, and Irish red ales. Keep Irish folk music playing in the background to impart a cozy feeling.

Invite a crowd

One of the best parts of a St. Patrick’s Day celebration is having plenty of celebrants together to reminisce and enjoy each other’s company. A crowd means better sing-a-longs and more opportunities to toast to good luck for the future.

There are many ways to make private St. Patrick’s Day parties as special as public gatherings like parades. 

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