Small Town Life...finding some normal.


In these trying times people are craving all things “normal”.  They long to go back to days that were filled with tradition and unity.  Everyone, no matter how long they have lived in this small town, has comforting memories that make them smile. Whether it’s a memory of getting a bag of penny candy at Floyds or the anticipation of waiting for the sky divers land at Brook St Playground on the Fourth of July, it represented small town life.  Some remember cheesesteaks at Peggy’s sub shop or playing Pac Man in the vault at the Coffee Cup…. small town life.  How many remember waiting for Santa Claus to go by your house on the fire truck and catching those boxes of animal crackers?  

This time in our lives is filled with the unknown and so many restrictions and disappointments, missed proms, graduations, weddings and holidays with the whole family sitting around the table.   We have to carefully make choices that will not only keep us safe, but will also build memories that twenty years from now will make us smile. Remember that feeling of the positive energy when the whole town gathers on Singing Beach for the fireworks?  That’s small-town life. 

The holiday season is upon us once again. We all need to dig deep and be creative to make it as “normal” as we can. One way to do this is to pick an amazing tree or wreath and decorate your home.  Bring out all the ornaments that you have had since childhood.  Shop online for your holiday gifts in your fuzzy pajamas or downtown Manchester.   Skip the malls and spend the time making new memories.   

One small town event that is steeped with tradition is the Christmas Tree Sale run by Troop 3 at the Scout House at 74 School St.  This is an important fundraiser that funds an amazing program for both girls and boys.  The troop was negatively impacted this summer by this dreaded virus; the parking lot fundraiser was cancelled.  So the tree sale is vital to the program. 

We are making all the necessary precautions to keep our customers safe and happy.    Our wreath makers will be hard at work creating masterpieces to proudly display on your front door.   There will be beautiful trees in many different sizes that will turn your home into a festive display of holiday spirit.   We will also be offering kissing balls and greens for your mantel. 

We will be kicking off our sale on Friday November 27 at 4 pm and be open on Friday, Saturday and Sundays until the weekend before Christmas.   Come down and support Troop 3 and gather your holiday supplies to help you make this holiday a memorable one.    


Fridays 4pm-8pm 

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