Response to “Pride Flag at Veterans Memorial? No Thank You” letter:


In response to last week's Letter to the Editor submitted by Kim Kahan, I'd like to offer the following letter:

Dear Miss Kahan,

Thank you, your fiancé (when’s the big day?!), and several local veterans for expressing your concerns over the flying of a Pride flag during the month of June at our town memorial.  I also thank you for making it clear that you are not, “against the Pride flag or its symbolism.”

Proclaiming your public support of the Pride community by letting it be known that you stand for the symbolism of the Pride flag is honorable.  Advocacy like this for the Pride community is welcomed by so many Manchester residents, myself included, and it holds considerable meaning to those who work tirelessly for the freedoms and liberties for the Pride community, and for all.

It is brave, open-minded citizens like yourself, your fiancé, and your veteran comrades; whose public support of displaying the Pride flag in “appropriate public areas within our town,’’ that puts this issue top of mind for all and brings us one step closer to having a society that can cast aside our differences and replace them with the inclusive ideologies we all seek for ourselves, and especially for our children.

I am happy to join you and your team in solidarity with the local Pride community to determine any and all “appropriate public areas within our town” to fly the Pride flag. 

Let’s make this even more impactful; let’s dedicate our efforts to the likes of Lt. Gen. Friedrich von Steuben, Fannie Mae Clackum, and Pete Buttigieg; who are a few notables among the thousands and thousands of Pride community members who have served our country and protected our freedoms and liberties.

Just let me know where to be and when to be there and we’ll hang Pride flags proudly together!  Heck, we can even fly Pride flags at our own homes!  The possibilities are endless!

Thanks again Kim!

Tod Johnson