Planning Board Update




Planning Board Article for Town Meeting on Monday, April 3

In accordance with MGL Chapter 40A, Section 5, the Manchester- by-the-Sea Planning Board is required to provide the Town Moderator with a report on zoning amendments for upcoming Annual Town Meeting. 

While the Planning Board originally considered four articles, it has decided to move forward on one article, Adult Entertainment Establishment.  

As residents of Manchester-by-the-Sea may be aware, adult uses are considered “freedom of speech” under the Constitution.  Each town is required to have an adult use district and zoning requirements for such use.  Last fall, the Planning Board included Adult Uses in the Table of Uses and now is elaborating on how these uses may be allowed by Special Permit by the Planning Board in the LCD.  The Board has added language which addresses location, distances from schools, churches and day care centers, exterior treatment of the structure and other requirements within the District. 

Legal Counsel has reviewed this language and finds it preferable to last year’s proposed language, which had fewer requirements for approval.

Planning Board Rules and Regulations

The Planning Board is creating new Rules and Regulations for its operation.  Included in these regulations are general regulations of operation, operation of public meetings, review of projects, Board responsibilities, staff responsibilities and a host of other protocols so that the Planning Board can operate more efficiently.  The Board will hold a Public Hearing on these proposed regulations on April 10, 2023 at 7:00 p.m.  The Board and staff hope that public comments are forthcoming.  The draft rules and regulations are on the Planning Board website.

Downtown Survey

The Planning Board encourages town residents to participate in a downtown survey to assist consultants in helping the Town integrate public restrooms, public art, way-finding and signage into downtown.  The goal is a cohesive set of improvements that look like they have always been there.  The survey is on the Town website.

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