PET OF THE WEEK: Winky and Little One


Winky and Little One are kind of like super scruffy fine art; you can admire them from a slight distance, but you can't get very close to them or touch them. 

This bonded pair came from a home with multiple pets, where they didn't necessarily get all of the socialization they needed to become "normal" dogs outside of that home.  They aren't accustomed to being pets, having collars and leashes put on them, going outside, or snuggling up next to you.  In fact, in the two months that they have been here at the shelter, they haven't done any of that, and we aren't sure that they ever will.  However, even though they don't fit the mold of what the world expects a dog to be, they aren't any less deserving of a loving and secure environment to call their own. 

Winky got his name because he has one smaller, little eye that he is blind in, which makes him look very cute and flirty.  He does the most adorable little head tilts to utilize his good eye to the best of its ability.  He is a little peppier and more outgoing than his sister, though they both do zoomies around the room when they see their human friends first thing in the morning.  Once they trust you a little, they will choose to lay near you while you work on the computer, even though they have the option to stay further away.  This is a big compliment! It means they have started accepting you into their world. 

Little One's name is self-explanatory; she's the smaller, daintier one of the pair.  She walks with a delicate pitter patter of her little feet, flitting across the floor like a ballerina.  She is the more reserved of the duo, always checking in with her brother before making a move.  She lets him take the lead in all their daily activities aside from food tasting; she is always the first one to try a new snack, and she determines for both if a new morsel presented to them is worthy of consumption.  Spoiler alert: it usually is. 

These cuties love wet food and enjoy sharing snacks with people; hot dogs and cheese sticks are among the top favorites for this twosome.  They both absolutely adore comfy resting spots, like warm fuzzy blankets and soft, cozy dog and cat beds.  They are learning to play with toys, and really enjoy all sorts, with plush stuffed toys at the top of their list, and toys that make noises coming in at a close second.  They love combining their two favorite pastimes by snacking in bed, but who can't relate to that every now and then?  Little One uses pee pads reliably, and Winky uses them perfectly throughout the day, but sometimes he does have accidents in his crate overnight.  In a home, where he has access to pee pads throughout the evening, we are confident that he could put an end to his overnight accidents for good. 

We know it will take a very special person to open their home and heart to this odd couple, but we are holding out hope that the right person may come along, take these two home, and love them just as they are; quirky, sweet, timid, funny and unique.  For more information about Winky & Little One, stop in during our visiting hours or submit an online application at