Pet Of The Week January 15: Meet Zachary


Why hello!  Zachary here!  Or Snackery as they've nicknamed me ;).

I'm looking for a quiet, adult-only home with someone who understands and is experienced with feline behavior.  Men really scare me, so I need a female only home.  I'm an affectionate guy on my own terms and I DO give warnings when I'm becoming too stimulated and need a break, but these signs can be quite subtle.  I will likely take a decent amount of time to settle into my new home which requires lots of patience.  I don't mean to be so finicky, but my life was really turned upside down when my person passed on and I ended up at this strange place.  They've been good to me here and gave me all the time I needed to unwind as much as possible in this setting.  Vet trips have also always been very scary for me and you'll need to give the doc a heads up that I'm a "vet caution".  I'm willing to learn to trust if you're willing to put in the time and love.

If you think you may be able to open your home and heart to this big boy, please send an application and one of the staff here will be in contact to further discuss Zachary. 

Visit the following section of our website if you are interested in adopting: