This little fellow loves going for car rides, hiking in the woods and impersonating a cat with his penchant for sunny windowsills.  They don't call him the head honcho for nothing.  Honcho is the king of his castle, or so he thinks he is.  Full of personality and spunk, Honcho likes things his way or the highway.  He's your typical mischievous, pain in the butt "little dog" (shhh, don't tell him, we don't want to upset him!)  Yet he's also a funny and lovable (on his terms, as per protocol) little big man with SO MUCH presence despite his mere 12 pounds (he is solid though, cute little shape!).  This dude is stubborn, mouthy, and he has an affinity for peeing on novel items placed on the floor, amongst other places.  We have noticed that when kept on a routine, and brought out frequently, Honcho can learn to only go to the bathroom outside. He also keeps his crate clean overnight.  There is hope!  Another few less than charming characteristics pertaining to this handsome little devil are his ability to rile himself up to a hyper-aroused state, jump up and down next to you like a pogo stick when he's not getting the desired attention level he requires at that moment (but watch out, it's a trick, his attention getting threshold can be short, or long, it's a toss-up) and his worst habit of all is his mouthiness (and we do mean that in both ways, because we are positive he is always talking back to us as well, little rascal!)

Despite all his quirks, Honcho can be a really great dog for a very specific type of person, and we're going to put up with his antics here at the shelter until the perfect match for him comes along.  Do you have persnickety little dog experience?  Do you have the time and energy to exercise this odd, annoying, yet somehow adorable guy?  No kids or grandkids?  Don't mind dealing with potty training a stubborn adult?  Up for the challenge of putting up with this guy randomly chasing and biting at your feet, not to herd you, but just because he loves to push the boundaries?  This guy is very busy and needs an active person that is able to keep up with him.  He needs someone that is able to stand their ground with him, and not let him push you around.  He will need clear boundaries, and he will need to earn his privileges (like snuggling in your lap).  If this sounds like you, fill out an application for this quirky yet endearing little man with a larger-than-life personality, and let's chat!

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