Meet Karen Bennett


My name is Karen Bennett, I am running for a Select Board seat at our Town Elections on May 16 and I would like to tell you why I am asking for your vote.

Currently our 378-year-old town is facing some of the most significant challenges and decisions in its history.  The decisions your elected officials will have to make in the next 24 months could have a lifelong impact on the beloved village we all call home.

Our family moved to MBTS 23 years ago, and we haven’t looked back.  We have always loved the North Shore; we loved the quintessential NE feel of MBTS and knew it was where we wanted to spend the rest of our lives-as do you!  I wake up every day GRATEFUL for the resources we have available to us and am thankful for the previous leaders of this town who had the stewardship and vision that we enjoy today.


I have spent the last 40 years in private business, starting in finance and then moving into software sales and sales management, spearheading projects, mentoring individuals, coaching teams, and maintaining strong relationships with clients.  Many years ago, my organization made one of the best decisions of my career when I secured a Master Black Belt certification in Six Sigma processes.  For those who may not be familiar with Six Sigma, it is a well-respected, invaluable set of management and decision-making tools and techniques that help the graduate analyze the issue, find the problem and focus on it, remove obstacles, communicate clearly and be flexible and responsive, thus delivering the maximum benefit for the customer.  I will employ these same skills as a Select Board member. 


As a concerned citizen, when SLV started heating up, I became actively involved with the Zoning Board of Appeals and Select Board meetings, plus Finance Committee and Planning Board meetings as well.  I’ve been participating on many of these calls for the last two years.  I realize how much work, time and commitment it takes to run our town.

The challenges and decisions before the town and its citizens are numerous—involving two constantly intertwined issues—potential changes and the potential cost of those changes—both in actual dollars but, equally as important, the cost to the character of our 378-year-old town, the stewardship for which we are all equally responsible.

Make no mistake. growth and change are natural.  So, saying, while we may not always agree, however, I am hopeful that we are all committed to ensuring that our town remains the “slice of heaven” it is today.

If am elected to the Select Board, I will be listening to residents and intend to keep them informed about potential changes on all of the issues we are facing: issues such as housing, water safety (capacity and quality), preserving open space, flood zones, parking, piping, roads, sidewalks, wetlands protection, Senior Housing, 40B, MBTA 40A zoning, residential zoning, commercial zoning, our schools and our parks.  I am passionate about being transparent, being fiscally responsible, and am dedicated to ensuring that the Select Board keeps residents informed before making changes, listens to the concerns of residents, and reacts accordingly.  

Change is always around us, but we need to be thoughtful and deliberate before we implement any changes that may NOT be supported by the residents.  We need to keep the best interest of MBTS residents and taxpayers in mind.

I am known as a problem solver, a clear and transparent communicator who “tells it like it is,” but equally as important, I am known as a listener, I will be your voice!  These same traits, plus my Six Sigma skills, will be equally helpful in evaluating and guiding the future actions of our town, thus I ask for you vote. 

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