Meet Donna Furse


My name is Donna Furse and I have lived in Manchester for 12 years. It is with great excitement that I announce my candidacy for the Planning Board.

In 2020 I ran for the Planning Board hoping to bring the perspective of the "common citizen" to the board.  I lost by a scant 50 votes but remained resolved to continue to study our bylaws and Master Plan.  After the last Fall Town Meeting where community members expressed confusion and frustration regarding the Planning Board articles, I saw an opportunity to assist the Board by bringing clarity to those articles.

The principles of our Master Plan are very specific: “preserve Manchester’s small-town character and natural environment by recommending growth of a size and type and density compatible with the community and only in areas determined to be appropriate.”  Growth is important for our small town; SMART growth is vital.  Capacity studies to determine the volume of growth our infrastructure may sustain are pivotal to this idea.  Realizing growth has a “snowball effect” we must also consider how growth will affect the size of our Public Safety department, school capacity and public parking.  As we have learned from the current 40A and 40B situations, being proactive affords us much more flexibility and choice than being reactive.

I am willing to do the lifting.  I will continue to educate myself.  I would like the opportunity to educate the citizens of Manchester and encourage informed voting.

Viewpoint diversity is the strength of any team.  Along with Marty Flood we will bring that diversity to the Planning Board and help achieve a better balance that will continue to serve the Town of Manchester for many years.

I appreciate your consideration at the polls on May 16,2023.

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