Meet Brian Sollosy, Select Board Candidate


Good day,

I would like to introduce myself to the voters of this town. As a Manchester resident for the last 25 years, I have watched our town evolve while still maintaining its small-town feel. I was fortunate enough to watch school regionalization grow from a concept to reality.  I have fond memories of walking the hill behind the old high school to watch my son play football. I have watched Concerts in the Park grow and become synonymous with Tuesdays during the summer. All this was made possible by volunteers who have sat on the Board of Selectmen. 

I currently sit on the Zoning Board of Appeals, so I am no stranger to Town politics. I have officiated youth, high school, and college basketball for 17 years, so I am no stranger to sideline criticism. I have listened to both sides of the political arena in Manchester, so I am no stranger to its citizens views. I believe the path to success in our town is a commonsense approach to governance and I feel it is my time to step up to help us achieve our common goals.

The current issues that our town faces seem more complex than ever. In reality, I believe we have spent too much time overthinking things. I am an advocate for local dispatch. We hired a police chief it is fair only that we give him the tools he needs to succeed.  We bemoan the loss of local charm and character, yet some are willing to give away the very characteristics that keep that feeling alive. Local dispatchers will see neighbors and friends on the other end of the phone call, not just a number and address. Funding local dispatch is an integral component of community policing. It is an investment in this town, not just a budget line item.

Current housing costs in Manchester are astronomical. We have to explore options that allow our seniors to stay in their family homes, as well as allow opportunities for young families to grow and reside here long term.  Much to my chagrin, I watched as my son’s family was forced to leave Manchester due to high housing costs.  There was no greater thrill than walking my grandson to Memorial, the same school his father attended.  I want all families to be able to experience these joys without worrying about rising housing costs. We must be more creative and proactive to find ways of making housing more affordable for all generations.

I have seen the comings and goings of restaurants and shops downtown and understand how difficult it can be for a small business to survive. I would like to revisit outdoor dining.  Our North Shore neighbors have embraced the vibrancy that outdoor dining has brought to their cities and towns. I believe that reinstating outdoor dining can have a positive impact in all local business. The loss of parking was the biggest argument against outdoor dining. I believe that if we revisit extending parking down Beach Street, as well as improve signage and awareness to the walkway from behind Town Hall to downtown, we can easily appease all parties. Making outdoor dining permanent fixtures in town will give restaurants the liberty to beautify their outdoor spaces and help further attract visitors to our town.

We should join with our Cape Ann neighbors to form a regional approach to 40A. Common sense does not align with the state’s one size fits all approach.  We are negotiating against ourselves to expand the half mile radius to one and a half miles.  We should be proactive in asking about state grants and funding in the event that we are unable to comply, not unwilling.

And finally, we cannot let the biggest opportunity to increase our tax base slip through out fingers.  The town should be working cooperatively with Cell Signaling to create an environment for their success.  The family has deep roots in Manchester and I can think of no better corporate partner than this locally owned business.

In summation, I believe that we can foster growth in our town without compromising its integrity by not dwelling on the past and creating a new vision for its future.

Thank you 

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