Letter To The Editor: Achieving Safe Harbor In Manchester?


Letter to the Editor,

The Select Board, the Planning Board, the Affordable Housing Trust and the Manchester Housing Authority need to apprise us, the townspeople, of concrete steps that are being taken toward identifying and expanding affordable housing in town.  If/when SLV fails, how could the town attain Safe Harbor?  Specifically, are there Requests for Proposals in place to update and expand current units at The Plains, Newport Park and Loading Place Road?  Are there concrete plans for new units?  Do we know how many of the Powder House apartments now qualify?  Do we know how many affordable housing units exist that have not been documented?  Do citizens who could be interested in “Deed Restrict as Affordable” housing know where/how to access appropriate information?

Although SLV could solve the state’s bogus affordable housing mandate with its monstrous “Sanctuary,” it would not produce the real in-town affordable housing we need.

John Marletta