Hurricane Alert Levels Guide


Alert Level 0: 

June 1st hurricane season begins. At this time conscientiously monitor NOAA weather radio for any tropical system development.

Alert Level 1:  

Tropical conditions exist within 1,000 miles of Manchester. Prepare an action timetable for this particular storm.  Storm movement and development can change rapidly. 

Alert Level 2:   

72-48 hours to storm landfall. Under a storm threat.  Although a precise storm track will very likely be unknown, all planning should be for a direct hit. Activate volunteers; issue an alert to all boaters particularly those in Magnolia Harbor. Implement plan for securing all facilities including the possible removal of all floats and ramps. Timetable may change if the forward speed of the storm increases. Continue to evaluate the storm track and intensity.

Alert Level 3:    

48-24 hours to storm landfall.  Hurricane WATCH issued at this time. Communication with Police, Fire, MEMA and the Coast Guard should be established at this time. All waterfront tasks should be completed at this time. Secure any loose items that can be affected by the wind. Continue to monitor storm threat. 

Alert Level 4:   

24-0 hours to storm landfall. Hurricane WARNING issued at this time. Probability is high for the hurricane to strike. Any person working on the waterfront during this period is advised to wear a lifejacket. Monitor Radio, TV, NOAA weather radio and any other official information