First Parish Church Regathering


Our time has come. The First Parish Church Council has set Sunday, May 2 at 10.00 a.m., as the time for our regathering in person for our Sunday Morning Worship celebrations. For those who may not be ready, please know that Virtual Worship is here to stay, we will go forward as a “hybrid” church.

We greatly look forward to welcoming folks back to the Sanctuary, while maintaining the quality of our virtual worship for those not yet ready. For those interested in attending in person -- we will be following MA Covid protocols, details can be found on our website,

Our online offerings continue - including our next study unit “Widows to Warriors'' Tuesdays, April 27; May 4, 11; June 1 (and 8 if needed or desired) 7:00-8:15, via Zoom. During these weeks, we will examine the complex, multidimensional, inspiring, humorous and tragic lives of several of the women presented in the Hebrew Scriptures. From flawed heroes like Ruth and Rahab, to warriors like Deborah and Jael, we will discuss what these foremothers of our spiritual tradition have to say to us in our time and place. Each session will be sufficiently independent of the others that you need not be concerned with having to attend all of them in order to participate.

Contact for the Zoom link.