Farewell Primo Lombardi — Beloved Manchester Postal Worker


Every day when he left the Manchester Post Office, Primo Lombardi would squeak a small stuffed toy rabbit two times.  In response, his co-worker, Gina Merlo, would say, “Squeak, squeak.”  In time, more coworkers did the same—creating a fun, farewell ritual.

Primo Lombardi, a Manchester postal worker for the past 25 years, passed away on December 10 at the age of 62.  Having worked several routes over the years, Primo came to know many residents in town.  When he was not at the post office, he spent time with his family and enjoyed meeting former postal carriers for lively dinners.  He had been looking forward to a hard-earned retirement in May.

“Primo was the best mailman I've ever had and will be sorely missed by all of us on his route,” wrote Manchester resident Alec McMullin.  “When I could catch him on his delivery, he always had a good word and would take a moment to chat.  A parcel would be voluntarily carried a good hike up to the back of my house and left out of the weather without complaint (or request).  Primo was just a good guy and I'm sad, and also sad he didn't live to enjoy the retirement he was looking forward to.  Peaceful travels Primo.”

Cheryl and Philip Merola who have lived on University Lane since 2001 shared, “Primo has always been our favorite mailman.  We enjoyed his good humor and constant positive attitude and his willingness to always stop and say hello.  Our dog Cooper will miss him most of all.  He would happily greet Primo daily and Primo was always happy to hand him a nice treat.”

Husband, father, friend and warm-hearted co-worker, Primo was a lovely man and wonderful addition to our town.

He will be missed.  Squeak, squeak.

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