Fabrizio Alvarez de Toledo


Fabrizio Alvarez de Toledo died at home with members of his family present.  

Born in Naples, Italy, he was the eldest son of Anna Maria Dupont and Alvaro Alvarez de Toledo.  He attended Jesuit school in Rome and graduated from Rome University with a Ph. D. in Physics.  He was awarded a Fullbright scholarship to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and completed his studies in nuclear engineering in 1963.  Fabrizio began his working life in New York where he met his first wife Eugenia McLin.  The couple subsequently moved to Paris where Fabrizio continued his passion for applying research to the solution of practical problems by working for the OECD.  It was in Paris that his only daughter Isabelle Thourot was born in 1967.  After his time in Paris, Fabrizio took a position with the Stone & Webster engineering firm in Boston and relocated to Manchester-by-the-sea.  

It was in Manchester in 1984 that Fabrizio met and later married his second wife Julie Ames.  His fluency in four languages and engineering background sent him to France, Switzerland, Italy and Spain on behalf of the company. 

Throughout his life, Fabrizio maintained a love for learning and always enjoyed discussing history, literature and ideas amongst his close friends and family.  Fabrizio's kindness, caring and warmth will be missed by all.  Fabrizio is survived by his brother Ferrrante, sister Chantal, wife Julie Alvarez de Toledo of Manchester, daughter Isabelle Thourot and her husband Arnaud of Acton, stepchildren Angier Ames and Ellen Smith and four grandchildren Julian, Helena, Carter and Henry.

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