Essex Locals: What Was Happening on June 18 in Years Past


115 Years Ago – 1906

A number of summer residents around Chebacco Lake have complained of losing oars, rowlocks, rudders and such like from their boats.  Last week Officer John Gilbert started on a quiet hunt for the missing articles and was successful in locating one pair of oars and rowlocks belonging to Charles Cross of Salem, and in all probability the others will be returned to their owners as the gang is known, and it is for their interest to do as requested.

90 Years Ago – 1936

Richard Torne of Essex Ave., trying to be a good fellow, loaned his car Sunday afternoon to a person whom he had known but a short time and to his sorrow learned about nine hours later that the car had been smashed up, having been run into a tree near the Essex-Ipswich line.  It was recovered about 12:45 Monday morning.  Chief Boutchie intimates that a charge for an automobile violation may be brought against the driver.