Eric Bradford


Having wrapped up my stint as leader of my son’s cub scout den, I’m now looking to volunteer in a capacity where I feel that I can add the most value to the community given my background – that of School Committee member.  I grew up in a family of public school teachers, coaches and administrators, I have a clear sense of the importance of these roles to the children of our communities, and of the dynamics between teachers, unions, and administrations.

As a former member of the Burlington, Vermont School Budget Task Force, I received a deep and broad education in the nuances of school budgets and their impact on both taxpayers and school districts.

As a School Committee member, I will:

Take the responsibility for upholding the quality of our schools seriously.

Our public schools are widely considered to be among the best in the country, and as such, represent a fantastic head start for our children and a great return on investment for our community.  In addition to academics and standardized test scores, I fully recognize the importance of maintaining high levels of excellence in athletics and the arts.  

My father coached multiple men's and women's sports during his long tenure at Beverly High School, and I saw firsthand the benefits of team sports, including boosted self-esteem, improved academic performance, and the adoption of several important values that helped participants as they navigated the world beyond high school.  As a longtime musician myself, I have long been an advocate of strong arts and music programs in schools, as they also teach students numerous lessons that benefit them throughout their lives.  MERSD communities provide multiple high-quality opportunities in both areas, both within and outside of school, and every effort should be made to support these programs.

Increase transparency by improving communication with the Essex and Manchester communities.

Too often, effective and thoroughly articulated communications of interest to the community during school committee meetings are lost or misrepresented as they funnel down to those who did not hear them directly.  I believe that it is important that the district leverage all appropriate communication mechanisms to convey the reasoning behind decisions as broadly and clearly as possible.

Evaluate evolving curriculum with an eye to ensuring that students are prepared for the future that they will be facing.

As we all know, the world is changing quickly.  It is imperative that schools adapt just as quickly to prepare our children for the world that awaits them after high school graduation.  Whenever possible and practical, school curriculum should be updated to reflect the evolution of the workforce, and society in general.

Take a long view when considering budget priorities.

It can be tempting to solve short-term budget issues with "band-aid" measures that have negative long-term consequences.  I believe that all decisions should be made with an eye on the implications for the schools and communities that will be here for our youngest children and future generations.  Specifically, losing experienced teachers and staff, and tapping into reserves, should always be avoided if possible.

Effectively balance the interests of all community members.

These past two years have been a stark reminder that some issues can sharply divide us.  As a School Committee member, I will have access to both facts and opinions from experts, school administration and community members that private citizens don't often hear, and will absolutely take all of these into consideration when making decisions.  At the same time, I will not fall into the trap that many school board members across the country often do -- simply rubberstamping recommendations that have been passed down from the superintendent, other elected town bodies, or anyone else.

For the past 27 years, companies from startups to massive corporations have bet tens of millions of dollars on my judgment and ability to conduct due diligence. I'm confident that I'll be able to apply this expertise to determining the best path forward, for both students and the community, with any decision presented to the Committee.

More on my background, along with my contact information, can be found at

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