A Thank - You to Lucy Considine from Holiday Stroll’s I-Pad Winner


To the Editor,

As the lucky winner of the 10.2” I-pad offered to the winning participant in Manchester’s recent Holiday Stroll Drawing, I want to thank the local merchants and the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce for their community spirit.

I want to especially thank Madam Had’em’s owner, Cheryl McGuire and Amy Richardson’s 12-year-old granddaughter, Lucy Considine, who had been hired to stamp participants’ Holiday Stroll Passbooks upon their arrival at Madam Had’em’s. 

Thankfully, Lucy not only stamped my passbook, but she then went the extra mile by saying, “Here is a pen so you can fill out your name in your passbook.”

I was shocked!  I suddenly realized that I had never thought about putting my name in my passbook.  After all, this small booklet was clearly mine… given the many stamps I had already accumulated on my hour-long freezing stroll around town.  Soooo….. my kudo’s to such a thoughtful young person!!!


Susan Wadia-Ells


PS.  According to the Chamber folks… about 50 percent of Holiday Stroll participants forget to write their names in their passbooks…   unless told to do so!!  Duh to all of us!

susan wadia-ells, editor, cape ann chamber of commerce