Wisdom and Experience for the Town


To the Editor,

Manchester is blessed with dedicated and talented volunteers in many roles.  Among the most important positions are those of our hard-working Planning Board members, two of whom are running for election on Tuesday, May 16.  The events of the last several years have demonstrated powerfully the Town’s need for wise and even-handed planning, and the perils of failing to engage in such planning. The heavy load the Planning Board now bears makes it especially critical that its members be strong, diverse, and respectful of the best interests of all people of our Town.

In Chris Olney and Sue Philbrick, Manchester has two particularly gifted Planning Board members, as each of them has proven through service on the board and in other roles.  Chris has served on the board for the last four years and Sue since January.  Because the Select Board appointed Sue, the ballot will not designate her name as “Incumbent,” even though she is currently serving on the board, and is doing a great job.

Both Chris and Sue bring an unusually high degree of wisdom and experience to their work on the Planning Board.  Sue was a distinguished prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney’s office for years, working in Federal Court to protect our country from a broad range of complex criminal activity.  Her analytical skills, communication abilities and calm under pressure are all second to none.  She also is humble enough to know what she doesn’t know, which gives her common sense that is all too uncommon today.

Chris brings to our Planning Board a strong background in real estate finance, which he has also deployed in serving on the Affordable Housing Trust board.  Until his retirement, he served as Chief Underwriter for Hudson Housing Capital, a low-income housing tax credit syndicator.  As a lifelong resident of Manchester, he has a deep understanding of the Town.  He also understands well how property and financial markets operate.  Like Sue, he is devoted to the Town and brings to the board wisdom, broad thinking, and a long-term perspective.

Please join me in supporting these two exceptional candidates, and in voting on May 16.  Thank you for your consideration.

William R. Cross


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