Why I'll Be Voting For Bob Snow To Replace Brad Hill


To the Editor,

As a Democrat and climate voter, I'll be voting for Republican Bob Snow on November 30 in the runoff election to replace Brad Hill as our State House representative.

Why? Because I believe that Bob Snow is by far the best candidate and that we need to rise above partisan politics to elect the most qualified person to represent us. 

Since retiring from the telecommunications industry after 40 years, Snow has served in a variety of elected and appointed positions, each time rising to a leadership position. A few examples.

In 2006, Bob Snow volunteered for and was selected to become a member of the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission. He now serves as its chair. 

In 2008, Snow was elected to the Rowley Select Board and served as its chair for four years, during which time he aligned its budget with revenues and televised its meetings to ensure public participation and accountability 

While serving on the Rowley Electric Light Commission, Snow switched to LED light bulbs, saving 30 percent on his electric bill, and has driven a hybrid electric car since 2016. A proponent of electrification, he understands from personal experience that going green is a win win, not a sacrifice. 

As a former Marine, longtime Rotary Club member and grandfather, Snow strongly believes in service to community, civility in public discourse and transparency in government. He deeply values our fragile democracy and has pledged to protect it. 

In sum, Republican Bob Snow is a proven leader who again and again has earned the trust and respect of those with whom he has served. As a result, he has the governing expertise and knowledge across a range of issues needed to represent our district with honor and to steer our region forward. 

I'll be proud to cast my vote for Bob Snow on November 30th.

Charlotte Kahn, Ipswich 

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