Who is the American Legion Auxiliary?



They began in the aftermath of World War I.  They continue today with a motto of Service Not Self.  They made a difference.

Injured and ill soldiers coming home in 1919 needed help.  On September 16 Congress charted The American Legion; The American Legion Auxiliary was formed at their first national convention in November.  In 1921 Edith Hobart from Ohio was the first national convention president, and Hobart's vision of a national hospital system began.  The blood red poppy became the Legion's memorial flower.

Purpose and population grew as Juniors were accepted in 1934, and the ALA Girls State program was established in 1937 to honor those who brought us our freedom.  Girls learn the “fundamentals of U.S. Government along with its rights, privileges and responsibilities of citizens.”  In 1947 ALA Girls State hosted the first ALA Girls Nation in Washington, D.C and both programs continue today.

Many Manchester families are represented on the Girls State list from 1948 to the present. 

With 600,000 WW II military injured, programs for rehabilitation of disabled veterans were established in 1944.  The Korean War brought more injured and advances in care.  The Auxiliary worked behind the scenes in supporting veterans and their families in their communities. Manchester's Post 113 began in 1920 with the Auxiliary the following year on October 11, 1921.

The National Auxiliary Emergency Fund was created in 1969, “to assist members who suffer a significant financial setback as the result of an act of nature or other personal crisis.”  Poppy donations are Manchester's emergency fund.

The Veteran's Home in Chelsea has been a part of our Unit giving since 1945.  We have had dedicated members who yearly helped with gifts for the Christmas Shop.  Since Covid, money has been sent for medical supplies.

Manchester's Unit 113 Legion dinner raffle baskets support Legion and Auxiliary scholarships, Girls State, and Operation Troop Support postage.  The Legion building has a box in the front foyer for donations for our troops.  If you would want it from home, pop some in the box to send overseas.

To answer the question: Who is the American Legion Auxiliary?  They are all who desire to serve our veterans in your town of Manchester.

Four Auxiliary members and juniors will be stationed downtown on Saturday.  Pick up a poppy, an Auxiliary Coloring Book, and share your veteran stories with us.  Credit cards will be accepted.

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